Serving Wine & Beer Policy

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Alcoholic beverages will be served at the Waterloo Public Library in compliance with state and local laws.

All alcoholic beverages served must be given away free and the agency must not be reimbursed for this cost in any way.

Alcoholic beverages will only be served as long as the City of Waterloo has Host Liquor Liability insurance.

Wine and beer are the only kinds of alcoholic beverages which may be served.  

All occasions in which wine/beer are served shall have previous approval by the Waterloo Public Library Board.

Serving of wine/beer on the premises will be limited to not more than twelve Waterloo Public Library events each year.

Wine/beer will only be served if food is also served.

Those pouring or serving beer and wine shall be of legal age.

Those to whom wine and beer is offered or served will be of legal age.

Those serving the wine/beer will monitor the alcohol consumption of individual guests and discontinue service to individuals if deemed appropriate or necessary.

Persons serving will not consume wine or beer while serving wine/beer to guests.

Non-alcoholic beverages will always be available as an alternate to wine and beer when it is being served.

All wine and beer served will not be purchased with operating funds.


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