Security Gate Policy

Last Updated Date

The security gates trigger an audible alarm when materials not checked out are removed from the library. When someone triggers the alarm, he/she will be asked to stop. Sometimes items other than WPL materials may activate the alarm. In addition, materials already checked out may activate the alarm.

Library staff will verify that all materials in patron’s possession have been checked out.

If staff cannot verify why the patron is causing the alarm to sound, they will request to inspect the contents of purses, bags, backpacks, briefcases, clothing, or similar items. If staff still cannot determine the cause of the alarm, the police may be called. If concealed materials are discovered, and not checked out, staff may ask for identification, which will be forwarded to the director. If identification is refused, staff may contact the police.


Reviewed by Board of Trustees. 11/14/19

Amended by Board of Trustees. 10/02/14

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