Emergency Closure Policy

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It is the policy of the Waterloo Public Library to promote safety of all its patrons and library staff. Library administration will make every effort to maintain regular library operating hours. However, at times, the library may have to close, shorten hours or cancel programs or reservations due to emergency conditions.

Library Closure 

To ensure safety of patrons and library staff, the Waterloo Public Library will consider closing the library, shortening hours of operation or cancel programs based on one or more of the following: 

  • Hazardous travel conditions, weather advisories or the closure or delay of the Waterloo Community school district due to inclement weather 

  • Building conditions and/or equipment failures have created an unsafe environment (i.e. power outage, failure of the heating system) 

  • General health or safety conditions or other emergency circumstances out of the library’s control 

  • Or, if otherwise deemed necessary to ensure safety of either library staff or the public. 


In the event that any of the above conditions arise, the Library Director [or designee], in consultation with library personnel, will make the decision to close the library, shorten hours or cancel a program or reservation. Closures or delays are announced on local news channels, the library phone message, and library website and social media outlets.



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