Circulation Policy

Last Updated Date

Check-out Periods Effective January 1, 2020

Express Materials

  • Express Books – 1 week with no renewal

  • Express DVDs – 3 days with no renewal

Books, Audiobooks, Playaways

  • 3 weeks with two 3-week renewals


  • 1 week with two 1-week renewals; limit 10 per card

TV Series DVDs

  • 1 week with two 1-week renewals; limit 5 per card

Music CDs

  • NEW Music CDs – 1 week with two 1-week renewals

  • Older Music CDs – 3 weeks with two 3-week renewals


  • NEW magazines – 1 week with no renewal

  • Older magazines – 3 weeks with two 3-week renewal

Interlibrary Loan Items

  • Determined by the lending library

Materials can be renewed in person, over the telephone, or online unless the material is on reserve for another patron.

There is no general limit on the number of items that can be checked out, except for those noted above and during the new user probationary period as stated below; sometimes limits may apply to seasonal material.

All materials except Express Books and Express DVDs can be reserved in person, over the telephone, or online.  Reserves will be held for the patron for five days.

Fees and Charges

The American Library Association asserts that imposition of monetary library fines creates a barrier to the provision of library and information services.  Seeing equitable service and barrier-free access to information and services as a core value, the Waterloo Public Library does not impose or collect fines for the late return of most library materials.  Some non-traditional collections may incur a fine for late return.  Those items will be identified in the policy.  Additional non-traditional items may be added to the library collection at any time.

Interlibrary loan items:  $.25 per day

Rock Tumbler:  $1.00 per day

Digital Slide Converter:  $1.00 per day

Green Screen Kit:  $5.00 per day

There is a $2.00 replacement fee charged for lost, stolen or damaged borrower’s card.  Cards reported lost will be suspended and identification will be necessary to renew borrowing privileges.

The borrower is responsible for lost or damaged material.  Maximum fine is the replacement cost of the materials plus a $5.00 processing fee.  Fees for damaged materials are determined by the department head.

Suspended Privileges

Accounts with materials overdue by seven (7) or more days will be frozen until all overdue items are renewed, returned, or purchased in the case of loss or damage.

After twenty-eight days (4 weeks) overdue items will be considered lost and the patron’s account will be charged for the replacement cost plus processing fee of $5.00.

Accounts with charges exceeding $10.00 owed are suspended until a balance of $10.00 or less is achieved.

Extended Loan Periods

Materials that can be renewed can be checked out for an extended loan period approved at the circulation desk under certain circumstances such as vacations or special programs.

Extended loan periods are also available for materials checked out on Teacher Cards, or through the Third Age Project, or for homebound patrons.

New Card Holders Probationary Period

New card holders will have a three-month probationary period, with a limit of five items of any sort.

Confidentiality Policy

Refer to the Waterloo Public Library’s Confidentiality Policy for information regarding borrower’s rights to privacy.


Amended by Board of Trustees. 2/13/2020

Amended by Board of Trustees. 11/14/19

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