Behavior Policy

Everyone is welcome to use the Library facilities as long as his/her activity does not disturb others. Users who disturb others will be warned once, and then required to leave the premises if the behavior does not cease. Failure to comply will result in staff calling the appropriate authorities. Any library visitor can be asked to produce identification upon request.

Abusive language to staff or patrons, damage to the library or its contents, or behavior that is not in compliance with the City of Waterloo’s ordinances for behavior in public places will not be tolerated. The Waterloo Public Library subscribes to the City of Waterloo ordinance regarding dangerous weapons. Waterloo Police Officers will be notified for possible violations.

Offenders will be held financially responsible for damage.

Parents/guardians/caretakers of minors will be held responsible for the minor’s behavior and any disturbance or damage they might cause.
Sleeping is NOT​ allowed, except for attended children.
When the Behavior Policy is violated, suspension of library access may also be implemented after warnings fail to correct behavior.


​Amended by Board of Trustees 4/13/2017
Amended by Board of Trustees. 1/23/2015

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