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Graphic Novels

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Jillian's Pick

Great post-apocalyptic story featuring a whole host of awesome female characters trying to navigate a world where every living male creature has suddenly died (except for one and his Capuchin monkey named Ampersand).


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Becky's Pick

I loved reading the author's descriptions of the earth's beautiful and perilous underground caves. I came to understand just how life-threatening cave diving is--even for well-known, experienced divers. Great read!



Amy's Pick

Beautiful scenery, family drama and Kevin Costner!



Kim's Pick

I love a good memoir, and I'm also fascinated with family history. When I saw this book about someone who found out she wasn't biologically who she thought she was by taking a DNA test through, I knew I wanted to read it! In this well-written memoir, we follow Dani for a year as she learns that her father wasn't actually her biological father, and then works through what that means for her and her family.

Science Fiction


Katie's Pick

The movie is nothing compared to this book!! It's beautifully descriptive and vividly conveys the scientists struggle as they attempt to understand what is seemingly alien or otherworldly. :)

Young Adult


Jillian's Pick

I love a good dystopian story, and this is one of the most original premises I've ever read.

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