Small Appliance Policy

Last Updated Date

For the general safety of all, for the protection of our assets, and to comply with international fire codes, the use of portable space heaters in any city building is prohibited.
Refrigerators, microwaves and coffee pots: Generally, these devices are restricted to employee break rooms. However, department heads may suggest other suitable locations for these appliances to the Building Superintendent, who, after evaluating the proposed location for compliance to safety standards, will either approve or disapprove the request.
Cooking appliances: These devices are restricted to employee break rooms. Open flame cooking devices are strictly prohibited except in kitchens. The use of crock pots is discouraged except for special occasions.

Amended by Board of Trustees. 9/12/19
Reviewed by Board of Trustees. 2/09/09
Adopted by WPL Board of Trustees. 11/13/06

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