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The Waterloo Public Library provides computers for access by the public, available on a first come, first served basis. Computers can be reserved for one hour per day unless by prior arrangement with library staff. Time extensions are granted at the discretion of library staff, based on demand for the public computers.

  • Anyone wishing to use a public computer who resides in Iowa must present a valid Waterloo Public Library card and enter their PIN.

  • Anyone wishing to use a public computer who does not reside in Iowa must present photo identification and will be issued a guest pass for the day.

  • Teen Department public access computers are restricted to use by patrons ages 11-17.

  • Youth Department public access computers are restricted to use by patrons 0-10 years of age.

  • Public access computers may be used for Internet access, word processing, and other designated purposes. Software availability may change without notice.

  • Library computers do not have anti-virus or anti-malware capability. Patrons use portable media on library computers at their own risk.

  • Patrons transmitting personal data, e.g., usernames, passwords, credit card information, etc., do so at their own risk.

  • Changes made (e.g., files saved to desktop or elsewhere on library computers) will not persist upon restart. Patrons wishing to save their work should use portable media (e.g., USB drive) or upload to an online server.

  • The Library does not filter Internet content. Library patrons will be responsible for what they are viewing. Images that are a violation of the Behavior Policy may lead to termination of the session.

  • Use of library computers for illegal activities, e.g., copyright infringement, theft, fraud, etc., is prohibited.

  • Only two people may share a computer at one time.

  • Misuse of the computers such as, but not limited to, physical abuse of hardware, accessing nondesignated products and services, or software tampering will result in the loss of the patron’s computer privileges. The Library may charge a patron for damage to software and equipment resulting in their use. If the patron is a minor, the parents or guardians will be held responsible.

  • Print copies can be made from the computers for 10¢ per side of the page for monochrome (black and white) and 25¢ per side of the page for color.


Amended by Board of Trustees. 10/10/19

Amended by Board of Trustees. 9/15/16

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