Internet Access Policy

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Consistent with our mission and the professional principles of public librarianship, our Internet Access Policy affirms the safeguarding of First Amendment rights, intellectual freedom, equity of access, confidentiality of information about users and their use of all library resources including electronic, and individual responsibility.  The library affirms the following principles and user rights as delineated in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights:


  • Electronic information, services and networks provided by libraries should be readily, equally and equitably accessible to all library users.

  • Libraries and librarians should not deny or limit access to information available via electronic resources because of its controversial content or because of personal beliefs or fear of confrontation.

  • Information retrieved or utilized electronically should be considered constitutionally protected unless determined otherwise by a court with appropriate jurisdiction.

  • Responsibility for, and any restriction of, a child’s use of the Internet rests solely with his or her parents or legal guardian.

  • Downloading of illegal materials such as copyrighted materials, child pornography, etc., is not permitted.

  • Library patrons will be responsible for that they are viewing.  Images that are in violation of the Behavior Policy may lead to termination of the session.


Amended by Board of Trustees.  11/14/19

Reviewed by Board of Trustees.  6/05/14

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