Food and Beverage Policy

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The Waterloo Public Library strives to create welcoming, clean and comfortable environments for the public.


  • Consuming non-alcoholic beverages from lidded containers in the library is permitted in all areas except the Local History and Genealogy Room.
  • Consuming pre-packaged snacks or other convenience food is permitted in all areas except at computer stations, around library equipment, or the Local History and Genealogy Room. Food that may cause damage to library property or disturb other patrons is not permitted.
  • Caregivers may nurse or bottle feed their child(ren) anywhere in the library.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or on WPL premises.  Exceptions may be made for authorized library functions only as outlined in the Serving Wine and Beer Policy.
  • Patrons are expected to “leave no trace” of food or beverages and take responsibility for maintaining a clean and pleasant environment by removing crumbs, wiping off sticky surfaces, cleaning up after themselves, and properly disposing of trash.
  • Patrons who cannot adequately remove the food or drink spills should report incidents to library staff so that prompt action can be taken to minimize the damages.
  • Unattended food or drink may be removed and discarded at staff discretion.


Amended by Board of Trustees. 10/14/2021

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