Fax Policy

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The Waterloo Public Library is pleased to provide outgoing fax service to the public. Patrons needing fax service will be accommodated as soon as possible, but library services and operations will take priority.

Documents may be faxed within the continental United States only.  International fax service is not available. Fax documents must be on 8 ½” x 11” paper. If not, a photocopy must be made and regular photocopy charges will apply. Cost for fax service is $0.50 per page.

To use the fax service, patrons must:

  • Have a valid Waterloo Public Library card.

  • Be present in the library when the fax is sent; they may not leave their material at the Library to be sent at a later time.

  • Complete a cover sheet to be sent with other documents. Cover sheets are available for free and will not be included in fax charges. 

The library is NOT responsible for the quality of the fax sent including missing pages, bad transmissions, failure to transmit or incomplete information, nor is the library responsible for any damage, loss of data or consequential damage arising out of the use of this service.

The library will try to maintain confidentiality when processing a fax, but makes no guarantees as to privacy, quality or reliability of the fax services.

Patrons are responsible for confirming the receipt of the fax by the other party.

Abuse of the fax service may lead to denial of future use.


Reviewed by Board of Trustees. 05/16/2019

Approved by Board of Trustees. 05/16/2019

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