Community Display Case Policy

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Local community organizations are welcome to use the community display case. Display periods not already allocated by the library may be reserved through the Welcome Desk.

  1. The recommended display period will be one month.
  2. The library will assume no responsibility for displays other than its own. It is the responsibility of each organization using the display case to remove the display on the last day of the reserved period.

  3. The Waterloo Public Library reserves the right to accept or reject the contents of each display.

  4. The Waterloo Public Library reserves the right to remove items at the end of the display period.

Application for Use of the Community Display Case

Name of Organization:

Name of Individual:



Date Needed:

Email Address:

Nature of Display:

I have read and understand the Community Display Case Policy.




Reviewed by Board of Trustees. 10/10/19

Amended by Board of Trustees. 11/12/2013

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