Circulating Hotspots Policy

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Patrons wishing to check out a mobile hotspot must have a valid Waterloo Public Library card in good standing. Mobile hotspots check out for 14 days at a time with up to 2 renewal periods, as long as there are no holds on the item. Only one hotspot per library card is allowed. At the time of checkout, the borrowing patron must present their library card and state-issued ID. Upon checkout, Library staff will confirm, in the presence of the borrowing patron, that all items are present in the hotspot kit. The patron must sign the Library’s Hotspot Borrowing Agreement before a hotspot can be checked out. Mobile hotspots may not be returned via the library’s outdoor book drop. Patrons must bring the hotspot inside the building to be checked in. Failure to return the hotspot in the proper manner will result in a $15.00 fine added to the patron’s account.

Mobile hotspot kits are considered a non-traditional library material and are therefore subject to overdue fines. Fines will accrue at the rate of $5.00 per day with a maximum of $50.00 in fines per mobile hotspot. The replacement cost for a lost or damaged hotspot is $100.00. There may also be a separate charge for lost or damaged hotspot accessories (protective case and/or charging cord, $15.00 each).

Mobile hotspot service is provided by Sprint 4GLTE. Internet service relies on cell tower technology and coverage. Service outside the continental United States is prohibited; any fees associated with use outside of this area will be the responsibility of the borrower. User experience can vary based on location. The Library is not responsible for personal information shared over the internet or for information or websites accessed. The Library is not responsible for any liability, damages, or expense resulting from the use of the hotspot.

Service to mobile hotspots will automatically be turned off by the Waterloo Public Library once the item is three days overdue. Patron accounts are subject to suspension of borrowing privileges as outlined in the Library’s Circulation Policy.

By borrowing and initiating use of the Library’s hotspot, the user agrees to abide by the Library’s policies and rules, and agrees to hold the Library and its agents harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations, or liabilities, directly or indirectly, relating to the use of the Library’s hotspot and internet access provided by the Library. Deliberate altering of any files or modifying the configuration of Library-owned equipment is strictly prohibited.


Adopted by Board of Trustees. 3/12/2020

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